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Stills from Down the Rabbit Hole
Photos by Bruce Clayton Tom
Jesica Avellone as the March Hare 
Bo Mellinger as the White Rabbit


2022 is well underway, and I imagine I'm not alone in having to rescue my website from hock after the Great Pause of the Pandemic. And yet in spite of my neglecting this site, the last two years have been fruitful for me creatively. I know for many, Covid put a huge damper on their creativity, and understandably so. I am grateful that I had the ability to move forward at a difficult time. Perhaps because when the pandemic began, I had really emerged from thyroid illness and chronic fatigue. I still get fatigue occasionally, but not like I had before.

In 2020, I started a YouTube channel, Kate's City Garden. I've been too busy this year to keep that going, but I enjoyed it immensely, and actually learned a lot about video editing. 

In the summer of 2021 I was incredibly lucky to get to travel to Athens and attend a performer's workshop by the great David Glass, magnificently titled Alchemy of the Extraordinary. It was extraordinary for me, and gave me a new lease on what it means to create, perform, and tell stories, and new lenses for viewing these interesting times. I have been privileged to start a partnership with David Glass Ensemble, and will be hosting a workshop in Seattle late this summer. Also in '21 I recorded a radio play with UMO ensemble, all about Victoria Woodhull, firebrand of the 1900's and the first woman to run for president.  Titled VIC, this is just the latest incarnation of this work by the wonderful performer/writer Maria Glanz.

After I returned from the mediterranean at the end of August, I was offered the role of The Queen of Hearts and the White Knight in Cafe Nordo's adaptation of the Alice books, Curiouser and Curiouser. We had a good long run at the end of the year, and then Cafe Nordo asked us back to do a remount, just of the Wonderland story, titled: Down the Rabbit Hole. This project is going to continue indefinitely, and I'm pleased about that, as I love playing this role, and I love Nordo!

Here is a great blog post about my turn as Queen of Hearts.

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