Here we are in the mayhem that is 2020!

In spite of the challenges, BRASS managed to record its 4th and final season. When the editing is complete you should be able to access it here, or where ever you access your podcasts. You can still catch up on seasons 1-3. And our efforts to turn BRASS into an episodic streaming adventure series continue to move forward. More soon!

I have also been keeping myself busy during the pandemic by starting my own YouTube gardening channel. Do check it out and subscribe here. Gardening is such a therapeutic thing you can do for yourself in times of uncertainty like these. 

I am also working to understand more about the struggles of Black, Indigineous and People of Color, and trying to figure out how I can help to dismantle white supremacy. Currently reading Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist and I highly recommend it. 

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