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Photos of The Brides  by Claudia Esposito


This year was off like a SpaceX rocket before the ball even dropped on Times Square. I flew to London with my life partner Adam at the end of December to begin work on a physical, devised performance with the David Glass Ensemble. The work is titled The Brides and was originally conceived by Topi Dalmata theatre in Siena. 

After three weeks of intense work in January, we unveiled our work to a London audience at The International Mime Festival. In performance space which was once a parish church, Jackson's Lane Theatre, we took our audiences on a funny and raucous journey into the growing awareness of her life, from spring to winter.

We then brought this journey back home to Siena, Italy in April, in the grand Teatro Rinnovati, to a loving and appreciative audience. I'm looking forward to more touring with this show.

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